Secure your apartment while you are away

* Remove plants and hanging items from your patio. Lock storm/ patio shutters.

* Turn off power to stove and refrigerator. Remove Perishables. Use towel over the doors to keep doors slightly ajar.

* Pour two cups bleach into toilet bowl. Don’t flush. Lift Lid. Cover bowl with plastic wrap. Close lid and place a heavy object on top of lid ( Ex:. a stack of books )

*  Notify office of departure date and leave working keys for emergency use. Have someone check your unit periodically.

* Turn off water to bathrooms. Shut off valve is in the bedroom closet. 

* Unplug hot water heater.

* Replace Smoke alarm batteries.

* Have AC unit serviced. Set controls for ” away” as per manufacturer’s instructions. Place service provider’s name on AC unit along with service phone number .

* Turn upholstered cushions on end to promote air circulation. 

* Thoroughly flush garbage disposal. Pour 1/2 cup cooking oil into disposal at blades. Flick on briefly to distribute oil. 

* Turn fans on low setting for air circulation. 

* If leaving a car, lock license plate inside, visible through rear window. Leave keys with office of notify office who has key.

* Fill out US Postal form for having mail forwarded to your Northern address.