Our Board of Directors manage the business and serve the needs of the LPGN community.

Board of Directors 2023 – 2024


Ray Deleo – Building 2 Director  

Vice President:

Building Director: 

Herb Levine – Building 5 Director

Helen Lauro – Building 4 Director


Harold Epstein


Margaret Whelan – Building 3 Director 

Building Director:  Gordon Scott – Building 1 Director

At Large :

 Augie Sedita

Maintenance Supervisor 


At Large :

Debbie Shimabuku

For emergency situations your Board Members are committed to serve you 24 hours a day.  For non-emergency situations, please leave a message on the office answering machine at any time or call your building Director during reasonable hours.  You can also email your messages to the email addresses listed on the Contact Us Page.

Committees Chairs 2023:


Helen Lauro


Maryann Mastrolacasa

Rummage Sale: Maryann Mastrolacasa

Covenant & Internet:

Claude Larose
Election: Eileen Tally