President Maggie Whelan and  I would like to thank the many residents that participated
In our first session of Conversation with Directors. The turn out was excellent and the
Topics put forth had great support by many in attendance. Plans were made to begin a beautification program in many areas of our complex.

There was great agreement that area surrounding the pool has been very well maintained and truly provides many with a beautiful and relaxing view from their Lanai .  But there are areas around the complex that need improvement and a basic plan to determine what could be done was put in place. Efforts will be made to contact landscape professionals and develop a plan to determine costs  and proper plants that are native to our environment .

The board will then have to work on budgeting to see how this can go forward. Improvements to laundry rooms were also discussed and most agreed this to is an area that has been lacking in attention. A list of priorities will have to be determined once costs are determined.

In my mind the greatest outcome of this first session was the participation of those in attendance . Freely sharing concerns in an open forums and  putting forward ideas
and a willingness to participate in the improvement our community. I believe strongly in an open democratic society where we come together to improve our community and we build bonds of friendship and mutual respect for one another . As my cousin Carl often says in our philosophical conversations at the pool we are all in the the fourth quarter of the game of life and my reply is we are all hoping for double overtime.

Let’s move forward with common goals and maybe we get some great things done and just maybe we make a friend or two along the way.

Thank you for your support


Ray DeLeo