AC Tower Update

We are about to complete the first  stage of our  towers project. The underground sewer

drains are in at all tower locations.

Final inspections are expected today and repaving

of areas is scheduled for early next week.

Next step will be less disruptive as all work

will be restricted to the tower areas.

Rebar must be added to the existing cement pads

as they need to be leveled and expanded. Their current foot print is not suitable for the

new towers. We are moving forward and as it is with all large projects the speed is incremental.

Patience and diligence will see us through.

We will give all owners adequate notice of the

time and duration that will be needed for their

respective tower shutdown and replacement.

We are not there yet . 

Tenting of buildings 1 & 2

We are working on a schedule for the tenting .

Once we have a firm date you will be given

adequate time to prepare your unit.  We are doing  our best to take all aspects of this 

process into consideration. There will be no

surprise announcements. We all know how disruptive this event will be for many residents.


Wishing  you all good health and great weather


Ray Deleo